The Working Group is a objective consultant for all members

Automation and Sensoring Working Group


The Automation and Sensoring Working Group focuses on developing the automation and sensoring market within the water and environmental technology sectors. The working group mainly concentrates its efforts on ENVAQUA's members and their customers. It acts as an objective advisor on behalf of all its members. This means staying up to date on national and international legislation and regulations, and monitoring new trends. The Automation and Sensoring Working Group aims to seize on opportunities for market development. Education and training play an important role. Via these efforts, the Automation and Sensoring Working Group continues to evolve at the highest level.

Goals and tasks

  • Organising periodical meetings
  • Expanding the network
  • Publishing a regular column


  • Organising workshops
  • Visiting and participating in trade fairs
  • Attending conferences
  • Lectures (members, training institutes, swimming pool sector, bio digesters, etc.)
  • Organising meetings
  • Marketing and PR activities
  • Website and social media