Export Working Group


The Netherlands is a major export country. ENVAQUA eagerly supports initiatives that will further boost trade with other countries. The Export Working Group was set up to promote the export efforts of our members. This is achieved by organising trade missions, export trips and network meetings. To this end, the working group works closely with the Dutch Water Coalition. By focusing on a stable long-term plan, the working group aims to increase exports. This not only benefits our members, but the entire Dutch economy.

Goals and tasks

The Export Working Group has the following goals:

  • To help participating companies to achieve 10% revenue growth within a five-year period
  • Providing market information to simplify the decision-making for different target regions within and outside Europe over a five-year period
  • Building a knowledge infrastructure based on input from
  • Helping companies to expand their export activities
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Maintaining close relationships with coalition partners in the water and waste sectors


  • Establishing a waste coalition with support from the Dutch government and export activities
  • Strengthening the co-operation with the Water Coalition; assessing the possibilities for joint export activities
  • Inventory among the members with regard to the focus for the coming three years
  • Collecting export turnover data from members to verify the 10% growth objective
  • A list of relevant trade fairs
  • Export calendar