Mission and vision of ENVAQUA

ENVAQUA connects Dutch technology companies that realize a future-proof, circular economy and is the contact point for questions and challenges of stakeholders. ENVAQUA contributes positively to increasing the earning power and export opportunities of its members and collaborates with its partners to promote innovation and knowledge development. ENVAQUA is the platform for innovative, integrated technological solutions for a future-proof circular economy. As a Dutch trade association for suppliers and producers of environmental and water technology, ENVAQUA represents 115 leading member companies worldwide with a combined turnover of EUR 4.2 billion and 20.000 FTE.

The network of Dutch organisations in the water and environmental technology sectors.

Co-operation and consolidation

Co-operation and consolidation are two key words that accurately describe what ENVAQUA stands for. ENVAQUA was set up in 2015 as a result of a merger between Aqua Nederland and the Dutch Association of Suppliers of Environmental Technologies (VLM). ENVAQUA acts as a liaison and representative of environmental and water technology companies. It is affiliated with the Dutch Business Association for the technological industry (FME). As a result, the organisation has strong ties with the entire technological sector. This offers opportunities for knowledge sharing and cross-fertilisation.


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Members Benefits

Exhibitors who are members of ENVAQUA receive a discount on the square meter price of the Aqua Nederland trade fair of no less than 20%. In addition, ENVAQUA provides an annual exhibition training based on the most recent marketing and technology trends, so that your exhibition can be as effective and successful as possible. ENVAQUA is also closely involved in the simultaneous organization of the National Water Technology Week and the central Aqualounge on the exhibition floor, an excellent basis to welcome a well-informed audience.

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