Legionella Working Group


To ensure that all inhabitants of the Netherlands can enjoy safe water, in addition to water treatment, efforts to prevent Legionella are essential. The Legionella Working Group was set up for this purpose. The working group makes every effort to ensure that water in the Netherlands remains safe to use, among others by promoting the need for clear and unambiguous legislation. The Legionella Working Groups aims to influence other bodies that are involved in Legionella prevention. To this end, it relies on the knowledge and expertise of its members. Through these efforts, ENVAQUA manages to keep Dutch water safe for everyone.

Goals and tasks

  • The working group advises and actively mediates on legislation and regulations concerning Legionella prevention in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • The working group offers an interactive database with on information on applying and improving Legionella prevention technologies.
  • Influencing other organisations involved in Legionella prevention, including the Dutch Water Cycle Research Institute (KWR), TVVL, Dutch Knowledge Institute for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (ISSO), etc.
  • Protecting the interests of organisations that are a member of ENVAQUA. This includes maintaining and improving the sector's positive image, and fighting effects that could harm the water sector.


  • Playing an active role to protect the interests of the sector and ENVAQUA's members with regard to Legionella prevention
  • Discussing legislation and regulations on Legionella (effectiveness, costs and risks)
  • Publishing the document “Legionella prevention in cooling and process water”
  • Annual inventory results of Legionella analyses of cooling water samples
  • Acting as a discussion partner on behalf of parties concerned
  • Playing an active role within Aqua Europa