Marketing & Communication Working Group


The Marketing and Communication Working Group aims to promote ENVAQUA, the organisation that serves the interests of environmental and water technology companies. By increasing the trade association's visibility, ENVAQUA can have a greater impact. Members also benefit because this increases their reach and influence. This is how ENVAQUA makes a difference.

Goals and tasks

  1. Business
    • Activities: Acting as a partner on behalf of the Dutch government and business sector for a wide range of activities (fairs, seminars, conferences, export missions, etc.).
    • Bringing parties together: facilitating networks to stimulate innovation and increase knowledge; cross-sector and/or cross-technology.
  2. Knowledge
    • General: Sharing knowledge and keeping members up to date on developments within the sector.
    • Demand driven: supplier of market intelligence based on questions from a specific member for the general benefit of current and/or future members.
  3. Politics
    • Lobbying to influence legislation and regulations on relevant policy issues, stimulating business development and knowledge sharing.


  • Promoting the Aqua Nederland annual trade fair
  • Dutch Water Technology week with conferences and workshops (in association with the Netherlands Water Partnership and Water Alliance)
  • Maintaining contact with other trade associations
  • Creating an accessible website with a ‘search function’ for technologies and companies: the technology portal
  • Further developing social media initiatives
  • Other means of communication - newsletters, press releases, advertorials, banners, etc. Setting key performance indicators for the working group