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B.F. de Jong
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Since 1880:
Hubert, founded in 1880, has more than a century of experience in the market of water purification and watertreatment. Over the years Hubert has gained an extensive number of satisfies customers, supplying products and services ranging from screw pumps to turnkey water treatments plants. Hubert has customers around the world and places a great deal of importance on personal contact in order to meet their demands.


Hubert is active on the waterpurification and watertreatment market with three Business Units:
- Sewage and Wastewater equipment
- Waterintake systems for industrial- and power plants
- Service & After Sales


Sewage and Wastewater equipment
Hubert is in particular active in the design, production and installation of a wide range of equipment for the treatment and purification of domestic and industrial wastewater. Thanks to our knowledge and experience most of this equipment is fit for all purposes.
- Carrousel® activated-sludge systems
- Surface aerators, brandnames: HUBAIR and HUPOLAIR
- Clarifiers/Clarifloculators
- Sludge thickeners
- Screwpumps
- Detritors (grit removal)
- Barscreens
- Microscreens

- Waterintake systems for industrial- and power plants
Design and engineering as well as the production, erection and maintenance of Hubert equipment guarantee an excellent treatment of cooling water and process water.
Years of experience with Cooling Water Intake at Powerplants, Petrochemical plants
and Storm water Disposal Plants
- Drumscreens
-Travelling bandscreens
- Coarse Barscreens (several types)
- Microscreens
- Stopgates

- Service & After Sales
- Spare parts for the equipment population, running for twenty years or more, are available. Hubert original parts and from original supplier source are mostly made to order - in very short time if required - from existing machine documentation on file. Hubert is pleased to supply parts for other OEM's (Original Equipment Supplier).

- After Sales/Service is rendered on scheduled and emergency basis for maintenance and unscheduled problems.

Hubert formerly sources which are still within the  Hubert scope:
- Hubert BV
- Esmil Hubert BV
- Esmil Watersystems BV
- Hubert Esmil BV
- B.S. Watersystems BV
- Hubert Sneek BV
- Stork Kwant
- HVA Watercontractors
- Hil Wacon
- USF Hubert Waterbehandeling BV

Quality Assurance
Hubert is certified according to EN-ISO 9001 : 2000. This means that all our design, manufacturing and installation is done according to the procedures of this quality management system. Furthermore we are certified by the German “Schweisstechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt” according to DIN 18.800.
Hubert is also qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the Oil Industry.

Safety Management
Hubert is certified according to Safety Management System SCC (VCA) by KIWA since June 2000. This means that the safety management system employed by Hubert and its application comply with the Safety Checklist Contractors in the area of application of : consultation, design, engineering, manufacturing, set-up, taken into operation and keeping in operation of complete watertreatment plants, inclusive electrical installation with accompanying control systems.

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