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Laan 1914 35
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Project Director Industry:
G.C. van Ommeren
+31 (0) 88 348 24 24

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering and project management consultancy.

The work of engineers can be found all around you. Our work contributes to the sustainable development of the communities we work in all over the world. Meaningful solutions can only be created in collaboration with our partners, clients and stakeholders. Together, we deliver innovative, sustainable answers to today's world challenges.

Contact persons:

General & Industrial Water: Gerben C. van Ommeren, gerben,, +31629053199

Wastewater municipal: Hugo van Gool,, +31650213432

Waste: Dennis Zegers,,+31651913802


(Thermal) Sludge pretreatment processes (Water / Digester) (Thermal) Sludge pretreatment processes (Waste / Digester) Activated Carbon (Waste water / Physicalchemical treatment) Activated Carbon (Waste water / Post treatment) Activated Carbon (Potable water / Treatment) Activated Carbon (Water reuse / Post treatment) Activated carbon filtration (Water / Groundwater / Contamination) Activated carbon filtration (Soil / Groundwater / Contamination) Advanced oxidation Advice Aeration tanks (Water / Groundwater / Contamination) Aeration tanks (Soil / Groundwater / Contamination) Aerobic Treatment Air Treatment Anaerobic Mesophilic digesters (Water) Anaerobic Mesophilic digesters (Waste) Anaerobic Plug flow digesters (Water) Anaerobic Plug flow digesters (Waste) Anaerobic Thermophilic digesters (Water) Anaerobic Thermophilic digesters (Waste) Anaerobic Treatment Anti Fouling systems Anti Fouling systems Belt Filter Press (Water) Belt Filter Press (Waste) Belt Thickener (Water) Belt Thickener (Waste) BFB Biobased Bioclass solids A/B processes (Water) Bioclass solids A/B processes (Waste) Biodegradation (Water) Biodegradation (Soil) Biogas conditioning (Water) Biogas conditioning (Waste) Biological Nitrogen removal Biological Phosphate removal Biological Sulphur removal Biological Treatment Biological Treatment Biomass Bubbling Fluidised Bed Buffer tanks (Water) Buffer tanks (Soil) Centrifugal pumps Centrifuge (Water) Centrifuge (Waste) Centrifuge thickeners (Water) Centrifuge thickeners (Waste) CFB Chemical dosing Chemical Oxidation Chemical precipitation CHP (Water) CHP (Waste) Circulating Fluidised Bed CNG/LNG production (Water) CNG/LNG production (Waste) CO2 removal (Water) CO2 removal (Waste) Coagulation CODE Combined Water/Odour treatment Commodities Factory Compacting Composting Contamination Contamination Cooling Cooling water Course screens Crystallisation DCS / SCADA systems Decanter (Water) Decanter (Waste) Deep well's (Water) Deep well's (Soil) Desalination Design & engineering Design watertreatment Desulphurisation Desulphurisation Dewatering Dewatering Digester Digester Digester Mixers Digester Mixers Disinfection Disinfection Draft tube mixing (Water) Draft tube mixing (Waste) Drying Dust Filter E,I & PA Electricity Electro-coagulation Elektro-deionisation Elektro-dialysis Emulsion splitter Energy Factory Energy recovery Export Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) removal Filtration Filtration Fire water Fish friendly intake / recovery systems Flocculation Flotation (Waste water) Flotation (Potable water) Gas mixing (Water) Gas mixing (Waste) Gas-to-grid (Water) Gas-to-grid (Waste) General Granular aerobic sludge Gravitational Thickeners (Water) Gravitational Thickeners (Waste) Grit removal Groundwater Groundwater Heat Heat exchangers Heat exchangers Heating High pressure sewerage Hose pumps (Water) Hose pumps (Waste) Hydraulic design Hydraulic design Hydraulic modeling Hydro Cyclones Hydrogen peroxide Incineration Inspections Intake Intake Intake Intakes & Outfalls Investment & Maintance programs Ion-Exchange (Process water) Ion-Exchange (Waste water / treatment) Ion-Exchange (Waste water / post treatment) Ion-Exchange (Potable water) Ion-Exchange (Water reuse) Legionella prevention Mains (on- and offshore) MBBR MBR Mechanical / Civil design Media filtration Membrane-electrolysis Microstrainers Miscellaneous biogas Miscellaneous biogas Miscellaneous sludge Miscellaneous sludge Monitoring & Services Natural gas production (Water) Natural gas production (Waste) NF (Process water) NF (Potable water) Nitrogen no-dig techniques no-dig techniques Nutrient recovery Odour Removal Operation and maintenance (Water / Groundwater) Operation and maintenance (Soil / Groundwater) Other Outfall Ozone (Process water) Ozone (Waste water) Ozone (Potable water) Ozone (Water reuse) Pellet softening Phosphate / Struvite Physical/Chemical Treatment Pigging Pigging Piping Plate exchangers (Water) Plate exchangers (Waste) Plate Filter Press (Water) Plate Filter Press (Waste) Plate separators (Water / Groundwater) Plate separators (Soil / Groundwater) Post Treatment Post Treatment Potable water Potassium Pre-treatment Pre-treatment Pre-treatment Proces controll Proces controll Process water Pumps Pumps Pumps Recovery / Reuse (Water) Recovery / Reuse (Waste) Recycling Reject water Reservoirs Reuse RO (Process water) RO (Potable water) Sand filtration (Process water) Sand Filtration (Waste water) Sand Filtration (Water reuse) Sand/multi media filtration (Water / Groundwater) Sand/multi media filtration (Soil / Groundwater) Screens Screw press (Water / Process water) Screw press (Waste) Screw pumps (Water) Screw pumps (Waste) Sedimentation (Waste water) Sedimentation (Potable water) Sedimentation basins (Water / Groundwater) Sedimentation basins (Soil / Groundwater) Self-cleaning screens Seperation Services Sewerage Sewerage construction Sewerage materials Shredders Side entry mixers (Water) Side entry mixers (Waste) Sludge Sludge Sludge composoting (Water) Sludge composoting (Waste) Sludge dewatering (Water / Groundwater) Sludge dewatering (Soil / Groundwater) Sludge digester controll (Water) Sludge digester controll (Waste) Sludge sanitation (Water) Sludge sanitation (Waste) Sludge thickening (Water / Groundwater) Sludge thickening (Soil / Groundwater) Softening Softening Software / Process Control Soil remediation Solid waste Stripping Stripping towers (Water / Groundwater) Stripping towers (Soil / Groundwater) Struvite production Thermal Hydrolysis Thickeners Thickeners Top entry mixers (Water) Top entry mixers (Waste) Transport mains (Water / Groundwater) Transport mains (Soil / Groundwater) Treatment Tube exchangers (Water) Tube exchangers (Waste) UF (Process water) UF (Potable water) UF / Ultrafiltration (Waste water) UF / Ultrafiltration (Water reuse) UV (Process water) UV (Waste water) UV (Potable water) UV (Water reuse) Vacuum sewerage Waste water Water distribution Water reuse

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