Visiting address:
Hooglandweg 3a
8131 TE, WIJHE
+31 (0) 570 52 18 90
+31 (0) 570 52 18 99

Algemeen directeur:
A.M. van Remmen
+31 (0) 570 52 18 90

Van Remmen produces high-quality and energy-efficient disinfection equipment for surfaces and liquids that is proven to outperform standard products. We develop and design sustainable solutions, we validate using micro-organisms, proving that our UV systems do what they are supposed to do.
We supply the most efficient and effective solutions for UV disinfection and oxidation, low in maintenance costs and lowest in energy consumption.
Our products are used in a wide variety of applications from portable water disinfection, countering legionella and dechlorinating pool water up to and including breakdown of micro pollutants in wastewater.
Be prepared, the future is now: Choose Van Remmen UV Technology.

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