Swimming Pool Water Working Group


The Dutch love to swim. So swimming pools and swimming certificates are simply part of Dutch culture. It is therefore essential to ensure that all swimming pool water is safe to swim in. The Swimming Pool Water Working Group makes sure that everyone can enjoy safe swimming pool water. Part of the work involves focusing on new technologies, and scrutinising guidelines and standards for clean swimming pool water.

Goals and tasks

Swimming Pool Water Working Group has the following goals:

  • Advising and informing the end market and government
  • Networking, knowledge sharing with members


These goals are achieved via the following activities:

  • Publications: previous activities include mapping water treatment in swimming pools. In 2002 it published the “Handbook on Swimming Pools ("Handboek Zwembaden”). Regularly scrutinising new technologies and giving presentations
  • European interests: as a member of Aqua Europa, ENVAQUA has access to European information and a say in future European developments
  • Party in consultation with other forums: the Swimming Pool Water Working Group has a seat on various consultation groups in which future guidelines and regulations are determined