Waste Water Working Group


This working group focuses on the latest developments in the treatment of waste water. Examples include energy production and water recycling. But the focus also lies on traditional solutions. The Waste Water Working Group focuses on both household and industrial waste water. The working group acts as a platform on behalf of its members, and provides information on governmental rules and regulations. The Waste Water Working Group represents the interests of all parties involved in the waste water sector.
Creating a platform where the working group acts as an intermediary on behalf of ENVAQUA's members. The working group answers questions from members, and provides information on governmental rules and regulations.

Goals and tasks

  • Stimulating rapid acceptance/introduction of innovative waste water solutions
  • Providing a source of information for its end users, including industrial and communal water treatment plants, and government agencies
  • And lastly, acting as a respected dialogue partner for the Dutch government, ENVAQUA members and end users


  • Organising working group meetings
  • Organising workshops
  • Further developing the waste water portal, whereby the emphasis lies on improving the visual aspect of the
  • Networking between stakeholders and government agencies
  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge on waste water treatment
  • Creating awareness on issues concerning waste water management
  • Providing solutions in consultation and co-operation with its members
  • Helping clients with a problem find suppliers with a solution
  • Promoting co-operation between different parties concerned